Night Kayak Fireworks tour

Day Kayak Adventure Warning
about La Jolla Sea Caves and Sea Cliffs

Your safety is our primary concern. 

The city of San Diego in its zeal to collect revenue has increased the number of launches permitted into the dangerous surf zone at the only launch point where the sea cliffs and one remaining small pass-through-like cave are accessible and visible from a kayak.   It is our opinion that this launch area is now overcrowded and patently unsafe.  We do not wish to participate in what in our opinion is madness.  

Further, because earthquakes last year collapsed the caves arches there is only one small pass-through to paddle near and it is always jammed with kayaks.   We are of the opinion that the risks of launching kayaks into the surf zone and the overcrowded conditions at the cliffs and one remaining small cave make kayaking there a non event and that the risks out way the enjoyment, particularly if you have young adults or children on board.
To further diminish the experience the sea lions do not like the kayaks and as a result, have moved permanently out of the kayaking zone and into the “ swim only” zone inside of La Jolla cove proper were kayakers are forbidden to enter.  Since kayakers cannot see the myriad of sea life from a kayak.  We recommend the “Snorkel Adventure” if you want to see the sea lions.  Why not swim with them? The sea lions no longer haul out and rest in the kayaking area.

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San Diego Night Kayak Fireworks tour

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